6 Simple Steps to Improve the Quality of Your Essay

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your essay, you can’t leave it the way it is. You need to go the extra mile and make a few small tweaks here and there.

Do you wonder how to fix your essay fast and easily? Just follow six simple steps. It will help you to improve the quality of your academic paper and get a good grade.

Check grammar

The first thing you should do is to proofread text attentively. This step is crucially important because one wrongly written word or wrongly placed comma may lower your grade, even though you created strong thesis statements.

You should check every sentence for grammatical and syntax errors. Also, you should detect and correct all the typos you have made. You may proofread essay by yourself or utilize online tools to run an automatic spell-check.

Avoid repetitions

Academic writing is all about brevity and clarity. So if you want to improve the quality of your essay, you should make sure that your thesis statements and arguments are precise and specific.

Your essay should have a linear structure, which means that you should present only one idea at a time. If you see that the same idea repeats twice in the text, you should edit your paper.

Also, you should avoid using any words and phrases, which doesn’t add value to the text. Your task is to read every sentence thoughtfully and cut every useless word.

Add transition words

The third step you should take is to set out your ideas with a natural flow. When you write a 5-paragraph essay, you should keep in mind that all statements you present should be interconnected. In order to combine numerous arguments and counterarguments in one paper, you should use transition words.

If you want to compare and contrast two ideas, you may use such words as alternatively, conversely, or on the other hand. If try to demonstrate limitation or contradiction, choose such linking words as although, on the contrary, and nevertheless. If it’s necessary to show cause and effect, choose transition words thus, consequently, as a result, hence or any similar adverbs.

Check the word usage

When writing an academic paper, you should avoid using phrases, which are way too informal, vague, and exaggerated. Also, you shouldn’t use slang, jargon and abbreviated versions of words. For instance, you should substitute such words as America, guy, photo with such formal alternatives as The United States, man, photograph.

Moreover, you can’t use contractions. If your essay contains words I’ve, don’t, won’t, you should substitute them with non-contracted versions I have, do not, will not.  

Pay attention to formatting

Writing an academic essay, you should never ignore formatting requirements. If your teacher told you to craft an APA style paper, you must follow APA guidelines. If the assignment states that you should stick to MLA formatting, you can do nothing, but to follow MLA guidelines.

So, once you have finished your essay, you should check one more time whether you have formatted quotes and works cited list properly. To complete this task, you may use free online citation tools. Or you may check out Get Academic Help service and get assistance from an expert.

Revise conclusion

The last paragraph of your essay should repeat the thesis statements and key arguments. It shouldn’t present any new ideas, facts, or evidence. Also, the conclusion cannot include any direct quotes.

If you wrote an essay without paying attention to these requirements, you should fix your mistakes. It’s crucially important to ensure that your text has a clear structure: introduction, main body, conclusion, – because it influences your grade.

Wrapping it up

The famous saying states that there is no limit to perfection, and it’s true. Obviously, you can’t make your essay perfect. But at least you can avoid writing blunders and take the quality of your work to the next level.

Whether you are an A-grade or C-grade student, you should strive for excellence. If you have made a mistake, you should try your best to fix it. If you see that your essay is not good enough, just put a little bit more efforts and improve it.